Blockchain could hold the key to better tracking campaign ad spend

Katie McDonaldNovember 13, 2018

Blockchain company Ternio has partnered with digital marketing agency Scoota as it seeks to deliver greater transparency for programmatic advertising campaigns, particularly for advertising spend.

Under the partnership, Scoota’s clients, such as BMW, Land Rover, IKEA and Whole Foods Market will be able to use blockchain to gain complete transparency of their advertising spend throughout the duration of a particular campaign, on a per-impression basis.

Scoota said it would be one of the first ad buying platforms to offer Ternio’s blockchain technology for programmatic advertising campaigns and hopes the integration will better fight ad fraud and give its clients an insight into how to gain more value from their ad spend.

“Blockchain is fascinating on many levels; its ability to change the ad tech landscape is substantial, yet very few businesses can claim a blockchain framework that is fast enough to make it viable for the demands of online advertising at scale,” said Scoota CEO and founder James Booth.

“Ternio delivers on the speed challenge; we’re really excited about exploring what we can do together for the benefit of our clients.”

Smart contracts are used for Ternio’s blockchain framework to provide visibility for transactions, and ensure demand side terms are met – Ternio claims it is the only decentralised blockchain that can support the high queries per second necessary for programmatic buying and selling.

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