Celebrities get on blockchain

Katie McDonaldNovember 23, 2018

A new online talent booking platform is using blockchain to make it easier for event organisers to connect with celebrity talent representatives.

The Associated Celebrity Talent App (ACTA) app and website has been developed in Australia and built on the Ethereum blockchain, which runs smart contracts via a decentralised platform, allowing faster bookings, direct payments and secure exchange of confidential information.

ACTA founder and CEO Harris Meitanis, a legal practitioner and entertainment professional, said the platform was not designed to be an agency, but a digital solution to satisfy the on-demand requirements of the industry.

“Such demands have insisted on the elimination of friction through ease of use, the promotion of transparency and the promise of a better experience overall,” said Meitanis.

So far several Australian celebrities have signed up to the platform, including singer-songwriter Megan Washington, comedian Paul McDermott and entertainment personality Sophie Monk.

ACTA said it aimed to reduce the current frustrations inherent in the industry, such miscommunication, misrepresentation and over-quoting, which it said often stems from an unregulated market filled with third-party agents.

By connecting clients and event managers directly with talent representatives and their talent, ACTA provides instantaneous, real time communication across the app and its associated website.

ACTA is built using Ethereum, a decentralised platform that runs smart contracts on a custom built Blockchain, protecting data integrity and enabling the secure exchange of confidential information between the client and talent representative.

Features of the ACTA platform include; a booking calendar with real-time talent availability; instant messaging between event organisers and talent representatives; confidential in-app negotiations and contracting; and a transparent 10 per cent client platform fee.

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