Linius video tech a game-changer for blockchain

Coincast TVSeptember 28, 2018

Software company Linius Technologies is adapting its patented Video Virtualization Engine (VVE) to blockchain, a move that could help fight video piracy.

While many have attempted to adapt video to blockchain, Linius is the only company that’s been successful so far.

Linius has created a VVE that converts static video into agile, interactive virtual video where users can tag, index, parse, splice, manage and manipulate its content.

Linius CEO Chris Richardson said like the ‘double pay’ problem cryptocurrency solved, the same ideology and system could also be applied to video playing.

“We think of blockchain for video as solving the ‘double play’ problem,” Mr Richardson told Coincast TV.Click To Tweet

“Today once a video is out there you can make a copy, you can share it with your friends it goes everywhere and piracy is a huge issue.

“Last year alone over US$31.8 billion was lost to piracy; solve the double play problem, you solve the piracy problem.”

Mr Richardson said the Linius VVE could be an effective tool in combating video piracy.

Watch the Linius interview on last week’s episode of Coincast TV.


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