The Sylo Protocol is a decentralised communication protocol where users have control over their data, and can easily and safely communicate from a single identity. The Sylo App is a peer to peer communication application for confidential voice and video calling, as well as messaging.

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Sylo is building a solution to the problem of the centralised data model, and the undue control and influence it provides to a very select few. Sylo believes decentralisation is a better way of providing similar functionality to users while giving businesses new ways to create and amplify value. At its core, Sylo is a fairer way of doing things.



The Sylo Protocol consists of client-side APIs and services that allow Connected Applications to confidentially perform communication functions with other users on the network. For real-time communications, Decentralised Signalling will be used to establish encrypted, P2P connections on demand. For asynchronous communications, the Sylo Protocol is used to reliably distribute “in-transit” data, with optional persistent storage on the Sylo Decentralised Storage Network.

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Sylo is headed by a team of established entrepreneurs within the technology industry. Among the executive team is Aaron McDonald, CEO of Centrality, who is experienced managing portfolios in excess of $1 billion. Fellow director Brian Russell has spent close to two decades working with leading technology in Europe and America. He has also consulted to NASA and US Homeland Security.

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Industry DApp Technology
Location Auckland, New Zealand
ICO dates Private presale closed.
Token price in USD 1 SYLO Token = TBD
Accepted currencies ETH
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