Weekly recap: Bali, Pundi X, IBM Food Trust blockchain and Cosplay.

Coincast TVOctober 12, 2018
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Your weekly wrap-up of all things blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Bali was a blockchain hotspot this week.

It started with the XBlockchain Summit, where the focus was on developing real world applications to implement the technology.

Attendees were treated to a world-first, when Pundi X made the first phone call using blockchain on its XPhone.

The summit led into the annual meet-up of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, where blockchain was high on the list of things to talk about.

We’ll bring you more on that in just a moment.

In the meantime, IBM made news this week, taking its food-tracking blockchain into production and signing a European supermarket giant.

The commercial launch of IBM Food Trust means companies can subscribe to the network for a monthly fee, with Walmart, Nestle and Unilever reportedly among those already to have signed up.

In other news, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume is turning its fees over to charity.

Binance is planning to disclose all crypto listing fees and donate the funds to charity.

Projects seeking to be listed on the exchange are still able to propose their own “listing fees”.

And to the United Arab Emirates, which this week announced plans to introduce new crypto regulations.

The new rules will reportedly allow firms to raise capital via crypto token sales as an alternative to traditional methods such as IPOs starting next year.

Top cryptos of the week…

After three weeks of stable bitcoin pricing without major announcements occurring, bitcoin has taken a small tumble.

It could potentially be looking to test the US$6150 support price again.

Bitfinex Short traders volume continues to be a mild 18 per cent greater than long volumes.

60-day price volatility down to just 4 per cent, we haven’t seen bitcoin this steady for 2 years, since October 2016.

As a comparison, since then, bitcoin’s market cap has grown 10 times while trading volume has grown 80 times.

On the spotlight this week is Tron.

The smart contract platform claims to be 200 times faster than Ethereum and 100 times cheaper than EOS.

Their version 3.1 update goes live this week, enabling the Tron Virtual Machine for decentralised application developers and users to start testing their smart contracts.

It’s also an exciting time for Basic Attention Token.

The BAT token is the payment method used by publishers, advertisers and users for the new web browser, Brave, which has gathered an impressive 4.6 million active users in a short amount of time.

Projects to watch…

It’s all about virtual worlds this week as gaming-related projects move to the next level.

iCandy interactive is set to launch the presale for its first crypto game at the end of the month.

The company has an existing mobile gaming portfolio of more than 350 million gamers worldwide.

iCandy acquired Animoca Brands game portfolio and an investment agreement with eSports.com.

Are you ever too old for costumes? Cosplay dollar figures suggest you’re not – it’s a hundred billion dollar industry and Cure WorldCosplay is aiming to open the dress up box to a global market.

The company is getting kitted up for its final token release.

Coming out of virtual and back to reality, it’s business time.

Eximchain has launched the mainnet for its public blockchain network which is helping businesses to connect and share information more securely.

And if you need help preparing your business for the decentralised world BlockFactory has you covered.

The company provides blockchain adoption services and solutions.

The week ahead…

Dubai residents will soon be able to pay for retail purchases and everyday bills with crypto.

The UAE’s first official credit bureau – emCredit – is pushing for wider adoption of its emCash currency by rolling out point-of-sale devices at government store fronts across the city.

And the crypto football takeover continues, with an English championship team reportedly about to change hands thanks to a little help from crypto crowdfunding platform SportyCo.

The platform is preparing a 45 million pound bid to purchase Hull City Football Club.

Next week in conferences, New Zealand will host the Blockchain Technology Conference on Tuesday in Auckland.

And, Belarus capital Minsk will hit play on its crypto and blockchain gaming conference.

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