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Dylan UrquhartJuly 27, 2018

A new weekly business TV show is set to showcase Blockchain companies, cryptoassets and ICOs to a global audience.

Coincast TV, created by ICO advisor DigitalX and respected crypto business news platform Multiplier Crypto, will be broadcast on Sky News Business, and syndicated across Apple TV, the Wall St Journal and related social platforms, reaching an audience of almost 200 million viewers worldwide.

The program will profile Blockchain companies, provide in-depth market analysis and the latest Blockchain news with a focus on business journalism to educate people and grow the market.

Tessa DempsterJuly 27, 2018

Last year saw a huge focus on fungible tokens such as bitcoin and Ethereum, however non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the next phase in crypto say the co-founders of CryptoKitties.

Coincast caught up with Benny Giang and Arthur Camara at the NIFTY Conference and Hackathon in Hong Kong this week with the co-founders declaring the non-fungible space was a much bigger market.

“Everyone talks about bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and altcoins but there’s just not enough talk about non-fungible tokens which equate to the digital assets of the digital world,” said Giang.

Camara highlighted there is already real-world applications of NFTs, such as cash, fiat and property and that bringing these items into crypto is a natural progression.

cryptokitties at nifty
Cryptokitties co-founders Arthur Camara and Benny Giang with Coincast TV journalist Tessa Dempster

“Everything we interact with in real life; most things are non-fungible, they’re unique. So everything that you see that is unique in nature, could be a non-fungible token,” said Camara.

Giang announced CryptoKitties would be conducting an airdrop at the event, a first for the company where 500 of the companies NFTs will be distributed to conference attendees.

“We wanted to give back to the community because we’ve never done anything like this before where we’ve given out Kitties,” said Giang.

The Kitties are unique NFTs and vary in value from US$5 to US$140,000.

“For us, non-fungible tokens are representing the other side of assets that you can own, but digital,” said Giang.

CryptoKitties has partnered with HTC to make its tokens available on a small selection of the company’s smartphones starting with the U12+ and later on the Exodus.

Tessa DempsterJuly 25, 2018

Developers, hackers and gamers gathered in Hong Kong to discuss the usability of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the ability to tokenise the gaming industry with blockchain.

Kenetic co-founder and managing director Jehan Chu said the conference was less about the technology and more about the endless possibilities in the space.

nifty blockchain gaming

“When you walk out of this group we will have pushed forward the evolution of NFTs and indeed the entire space of tokenisation a full mark,” said Chu.

Kenetic is a blockchain firm committed to expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms through investments, advisory services, community, and technology.

“It’s not just about trade, it’s not just about business or investments, it is really about imagination and what can come from this very, very exciting zero-to-one type of space,” said Chu.

GamerTokens Advisor Matt Condon said the reason NFTs are a beneficial technology is not just because of the opportunity for open secondhand markets, but the ecosystems themselves.

“One of the biggest parts of NFTs is the ecosystem associated with it. If you don’t have the ecosystem, it’s just a technology,” said Condon.

NIFTY is a three-day hackathon and conference bringing together over 600 developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and game studios in Hong Kong to discuss NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Crypto ReporterJuly 20, 2018

As more and more industries begin to shift into the ever-growing world of blockchain, it was only a matter of time before real estate followed suit. Based out of Japan, DexisChain bridges the gap between real estate, technology, and innovation by creating a universal real estate market prediction platform using blockchain that will increase transparency and lower the barrier of entry for the average investor.


Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by traded value, will soon allow customers to convert digital tokens into fiat currencies such as the euro, according to Chief Executive Officer Zhao Changpeng.

The venue will allow euro trading later this year from its Malta operations, Zhao said by phone on Monday. He plans to add other fiat currencies, he said, without providing details. Binance said in March it would set up a base in Malta.

Blake SchmidtJune 8, 2018

With his baby face, eyeglasses and go-to outfit of T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, Jihan Wu looks more like a geeky teenager than a self-made billionaire.

But thanks to an early foray into cryptocurrencies, the soft-spoken 32-year-old is sitting on what may be one of the industry’s largest fortunes.

Wu runs Bitmain Technologies Ltd., the world’s dominant producer of cryptocurrency mining chips. The Chinese company has been shrouded in secrecy since its founding five years ago, but Wu is gradually lifting the veil — and revealing clues about his personal wealth — as he pursues an expansion beyond the crypto-sphere that may eventually lead to an initial public offering.

Tessa DempsterJune 6, 2018

Multiplier Crypto Business News (CBN) is set to provide its readers with greater depth and analysis following its recent content partnership deal with international publishing giant Bloomberg.

Multiplier managing director Heidi Cuthbert said she was delighted to sign with Bloomberg, providing Multiplier CBN readers with the latest crypto and Blockchain business news.

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