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Get exposure for your cryptoasset company or technology. Publish your press release on the Multiplier Crypto Business News website starting from just US$150 and reach thousands of readers today. Fill out your details below, attach a press release (.docx) and photo and we will publish on our website, located in prime real estate on the homepage.

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Methods of Payment

If you are paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum, please send your payment to the following addresses:

Bitcoin: (Please email us to request a unique address)

Ethereum: 0x2Dc8fe84B13fb4d83f02Bb480FCDec79ff6f7D04

For other payment methods, please send us an email at: [email protected]

Note: If you have paid with either BTC or ETH you must include your transaction identification (TXID) with your submission so that we can confirm payment.

Press Release Guidelines

  1. Keep press release title short and to the point (100 characters or less).
  2. Be sure to include a short summary to help us understand what your press release is about.
  3. Keep the release clean, minimal links (only your website or partners).
  4. Include a header image with your press release. It should be a min 1024 pixels wide with minimal text – do not include the title of your press release in the header image.

Please ensure your press release has been properly spell-checked and proof-read before sending.

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