CEO Snapshot

CEO since2017

BA from University of Washington; 

 MBA from IMD; Philosophy Ph.D.
from London School of Economics and
Political Science

Formerly worked for

London School of Economics
and Political Science

Mosaic in numbers

Founded in2017
RaisedAUD $20million
Profit for 2017TBD

Dr. Garrick Hileman

Co-Founder and CEO/Head of Research at Mosaic

Garrick is co-founder and CEO/head of research at Mosaic, a platform which helps investors understand the value of cryptoassets.

He is a globally recognised expert in the field of cryptocurrency and is one of the world’s most-cited researchers of cryptoassets and distributed ledger technologies.

He was recently ranked as one of the 100 most influential economists in the UK and Ireland.

Garrick holds a Bachelor of Arts, Accounting and International Political Economy from the University of Washington, a Master of Business Administration from the International Institute for Management Development, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

What’s your story?

I have spent many years researching monetary and distributed systems innovation with a focus on cryptoassets and Blockchain technology. I have a background in traditional equity analysis which I am now applying to the Fintech industry within the scope of Blockchain and cryptoassets. I am also a researcher at the University of Cambridge where I still teach classes on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Cryptoassets are a completely new beast, meaning there is an endless amount of data and research that still needs to be obtained before we really begin to see the technology more widely adopted.

What’s your biggest achievement?

Being an academic and researcher on an emerging industry, being able to be a part of formulating the academic course structure and material for the first university taught class on Blockchain technology in the UK was a great achievement of mine. Furthermore, it is always a humbling experience to be able to help educate more people on cryptoassets and the wider adoptions of Blockchain technology.

Where do you see the future of crypto heading?

The resiliency of cryptoassets is an attractive feature. The scarcity, the transparency, the programming of cryptocurrency to do things such as smart contracts, are all features that are attracting great interest from companies looking to adopt blockchain technology.

What’s in store for Mosaic?

Mosaic solves some of the most pressing problems in cryptocurrency asset acquisition: unreliable and insufficient data and research, and a non-user friendly marketplace structure. Once our ecosystem is populated with reliable and quantifiable data we can really begin to see the wider applications develop. Traditional metrics don’t apply to cryptoassets, with Mosaic’s ecosystem of data and research, we should, in theory, begin to better understand how these digital assets operate more clearly. From here, we can begin to develop a more clear framework to better understand how to evaluate them.

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