Mosaic is a database platform and decentralised intelligence network where people can access cryptoasset data and research, discuss ideas within the community and manage their portfolios through the Mosaic meta-exchange.

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Mosaic seeks to become the foremost crypto app by rectifying two of the most pressing problems in cryptoassets: poor user experience and unreliable, insufficient data and research. The platform can be utilised to evaluate and track the quality of research and the accuracy of analysts productions to ensure users who attempt to manipulate public perceptions loose influence and users consistently providing valuable data are rewarded. The Mosaic platform is intended to bring a simple, user friendly app to the cryptoassets space and allow users to access Mosaic anywhere, anytime, and from any synced device, because the crypto world never sleeps.


Mosaic Market Intelligence Protocol (MMIP) is built on Blockchain technology and enables Mosaic to be free of biases and conflicts of interest to deliver more reliable research than traditional centralised research platforms.


Mosaic’s management team is made up of one of the world’s most-cited researchers in cryptoassets and distributed ledger technologies, Dr. Garrick Hileman. Co-founder Alex Bradford is a veteran technology and cryptoasset investor with previous experience as an alaylist at a $14 billion hedge fund and an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. Additionally, the team has worked for big name technology players Microsoft, Google, 1010data and LGS Innovations.

Quick Stats

Industry Research, exchange
Location London, United Kingdom
ICO dates Q1 2018
Token price in USD 1 MZX Token = TBD
Accepted currencies BTC, ETH
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